The Man of Portugal can’t keep his hands to himself!

Portugal. The Man is coming to Vancouver! The concert will be held on Monday, November 6th, at The Orpheum. 


The American rock band has put out some bangers, including Feel It Still. The music video for this song is a little over 350,0000! Factor in the 2.8 million likes it has, and you have many happy people who love their music.

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Now that I get to cover alternative music, I get excited when I discover that some of the songs I enjoy listening to count as alternative music. That means I can share them and tell you how I feel about them!


I can’t remember the first time I heard this song on the radio, but I feel it was probably on our car radio station. It’s hard to believe that this song came out in 2017 because that was SIX YEARS AGO!! That’s wild.


I love the beat to the first 10 seconds of this tune. Don’t you find that it gets you going and keeps you anticipating what’s to come? The rhythm throughout helps keep you on your feet and happy. 


I want to get up on my feet and dance! I always find that a good song makes you dance or sing, while great music makes you do both! This song can check off both of those boxes. It’s super catchy! I bet you’ve heard it at least once.


I’ll admit that I always thought the name of this song was “Can’t keep my hands to myself,” so I learned something new today when I found out that it’s called “Feel It Still.” Now that I know the lyrics more, I can see why they named it that.


Feel It Still is one of those songs you can hear repeatedly and won’t get old! The song “might be over now, but I feel it still!” Lots of modern music sucks because it sounds the same. This song is unique, and I suppose that’s good for someone who’s “been kicking it since 1966!” I’m not even close to that old, but I had to throw in one more lyric.


People can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves when this band is around! Thanks for joining me on the song review for Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man! Please have a listen, and let me know what you think!

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