Jordan Klassen set to rock Delta

I hope you love alternative and indie rock music because you’re in the wrong place if you don’t! Here at Evolution 107.9, we just so happen to love that kind of music, and that’s why we play it on our radio station 24/7. It’s the kind of music that is light, fun, entertaining, and, believe it or not, sometimes very inspirational.


Being able to connect with music isn’t always easy, but once you can relate to a song or a band, it seems to become more memorable, impactful, and meaningful. I’ve listened to my fair share of alternative music over the past year that I have been at BCIT and have enjoyed the music that we play. It’s a goal of a band to connect its music to its listeners through songs and lyrics, but it never hurts to put on shows and events for fans to come out and support their idols. 


This takes a love for a band or singer to another level when they go from listening to them to being able to see them and share their admiration with others who love their music, too. 

The Barnside Harvest Festival is taking place in Ladner, BC, this weekend! The festival starts today and ends on Friday, so it should be an exciting three days at Patterson Park. If you have a dog, you can bring it to the festival on Sunday! Your dog should get the chance to have a blast this weekend, too.


Jordan Klassen is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician. He does it all! Klassen is known for his indie folk and indie pop music. He was born on March 12, 1985, in British Columbia, Canada. It’s great to learn about B.C. singers! When you listen to his music you can hear his emotive and introspective songwriting, which often features lush and atmospheric arrangements. He should be a hit this weekend!


The Sheepdogs, 54-40, The Road Hammers, Dear Rouge, The Zolas, Jesse Roper, and more will round out the main stage. Sunday should also be lots of fun if you like dogs! There’s going to be musical mats and a best-dressed pet parade. 


Don’t miss your chance to attend an entertaining festival in Delta and experience some sick shows! Parking is available on-site, but try and take transit so you don’t have to worry about getting a parking spot. There’s going to be some great food and beverage options, including a variety of food trucks, the Delta Firefighters Charitable BBQ, and more!


You better hurry, though, as tickets have been on sale since June, and they are going fast. Click here to get your hands on a ticket right now.

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