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Meet Nico. He’s a second year student in the Radio Arts and Entertainment program, and he has a pretty interesting side hustle. 

Introducing… Beersos! This is Nico’s podcast, and not gonna lie, it’s pretty dope. That’s why I’m recommending for you to go and give it a quick listen! 

The reason I’m writing about this is because I feel it’s super important to support our student’s passions and hobbies, as these could turn into big breaks into the industry and careers for them. And wouldn’t it be cool to be one of the “OG” fans of something that makes it big? Yeah, exactly. You’re welcome.

Nico and his co-host Derek talk about everything from serious-ish topics to fun stories about experiences they’ve had to playing games like “was I drunk or was I twelve”, as a recent example. They also try to find the light in harder topics, mostly surrounding growing up, becoming an adult, and the future of our generation.

You’ll never get bored- this podcast has something new to offer in every episode. Nico advised not to listen to it starting from episode one. He feels they’ve improved a lot since they began and that if you’re new to Beersos, then you should listen to the most recent episode first.

There’s truly a good laugh for everyone when you’re listening to Beersos. They also have a super entertaining Instagram account (@BeersosPodcast) where they post videos of them doing random stupid and funny things, like skateboarding competitions, for example.

With 49 awesome episodes to listen to in total, you can count on over an hour of quality content per episode. That’s a lot of work… good job Nico! 

I have a little challenge for you. Can you find the episode featuring another student, James? If you can, dang, trust me, it’s a banger for sure. There’s a lot of tea spilled and some insane and almost unbelievable stories told in this episode. 

All of us from the Radio Arts and Entertainment program are proud of Nico and Derek for how much work they’ve put into creating something they love. It’s slowly gaining traction and getting out there, and we’re very happy to see that!

So, if you need a laugh, a good podcast, and want to support one of our students, then give Beersos a listen! You can find it on Spotify, and believe me, you won’t miss it. Here’s the most recent episode to start!

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