Your betrayal: A cheating tale

Cheating in relationships is weird. We’ve seen a few controversies over the past year with Ned Fulmer, Adam Levine, and Goo Min-chul. I’m not getting why these guys think cheating on the people who are their perfect spouses is a good idea.

As someone who has never been in a relationship before writing this, I can’t understand why people cheat on their significant others. Are they seriously unsatisfied with their current relationships that they don’t even want to communicate this with their partners? Wouldn’t you want your partner to know this before betraying their trust? Relationships are built around trust and breaking that trust is throwing away the entire relationship.

In the case of Ned Fulmer, he built his entire brand around his family. Breaking that trust threw out his entire brand overnight, leading him to get kicked out of the Try Guys and leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. Having your dark side revealed can also be cartoonish, just like in Adam Levine’s case where his text messages showed what kind of person he is when it comes to trying to get women. His text messages looked like a teenager’s according to a lot of people. As for Goo Min-chul who dated solo K-Pop artist JAMIE, he was exposed by her to have dated 4-5 men during their relationship (As of writing this, there hasn’t been too much follow-up).

One thing that is common with the women these three were with is how perfect they are according to people that follow their lives. When checking information about these people, I get why people would be hurt seeing the relationship getting thrown out. These women have been nothing but good and for their spouses to break their trust is heartbreaking.

No one deserves to get their hearts broken all because the people they dated decided it would be okay to date others behind their backs. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will end soon. As long as people keep learning it from others, this kind of behaviour will probably stay around.

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