A spot to unwind after a long day – Hail Mary’s

There are a few themed bars in Vancouver that attract people who are looking to explore a different experience when they decide to go out. One of the themed bars that have special cocktails, mocktails and food is, Hail Mary’s.  The bar is located at 670 East Broadway, and it has some of the most interesting features that makes them stand out from other themed bars. This little gem is a place where people who are getting off work have an opportunity to unwind with a few drinks at a reasonable price. The bar has a cozy intimate setting which is perfect to experience with friends or family and it’s not a bad spot for a first date. There are no TV’s here to distract people from having a lovely conversation. They offer happy hour drinks and food from 5-6PM every day.  The names for some of their themed drinks are very clever and nudges people to try them. The staff are friendly and are very accommodating. Especially to people who want their regular drink order. Some of the drinks that have crafty names and tastes are the “Twisted Temperance” and the “Footprints in the Sand”.

The artworks that can be seen at this bar are very fitting to the theme of the place. The prices for the drinks and food is not overwhelming and is similar to most bars. One of the things that makes this place special is their washrooms. There are a lot of pictures on the mirror of the washroom and people like taking a selfie to remember the place. Although, they claim that they cannot turn water into wine, they do their best to keep customers satisfied through their cocktails which are crafted with care. The bar has a setting where people in groups of more than four people are required to be split up. They also put a time limit on tables that are not ordering steadily, which makes this the perfect place to visit with a good friend or two for a quick drink or meal.

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