About Time exhibition connects art with identity

An incredible exhibition that combines photography, videography and installation is currently being showcased at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The body of art that has taken over a decade to come to fruition explores several themes that resonate with people from different walks of life. The exhibition called “About Time” by Jin-Me Yoon connects art and identity with relation to history, memory, land and ocean. This exhibition comes from a personal side of lived experiences by the Korean born and Vancouver based artist. Her work has a special way of connecting tourism, militarism and colonialism that come from her experience of migrating.


Yoon’s work sparks the thought of our existence in a world that is being affected by climate-crisis and living on the unceded, ancestral lands of Indigenous People. Her ability to capture moments which provoke emotions and thought through photos, films and installations is a skill that she has used to tell stories. Jin-Me Yoon has been artist for over three decades and her work has been recognized on an international level. She inspires other artists by teaching at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. In 2022, she was awarded the coveted Scotiabank Photography Award.


The About Time exhibition connects people, space and time in a fashion that provokes thought and expression. Many of the themes in her art relate to the world in a realistic way that is so unique. The visual and intricate details in her work have many layers that are relatable to experiences of people from a similar upbringing as Yoon. The Gallery is going to display Yoon’s work till March 5th. There is an ample amount of time to visit the gallery and explore Yoon’s work as well as the themes that are attached to it. Her work has an ability to inspire creative thinking with relation to our place in the world.

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