See Tyler Shaw In Vancouver At The Fox Cabaret

Tyler Shaw is performing: at The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, BC, on November 29th, 2022, for his “NorthStar Tour.” Richmond Native has released two singles this year called, “This Christmas” and “Love You Still.” He has also dropped two self-titled albums labeled, “Tyler Shaw” and “A Tyler Shaw Christmas.”

It’s a really beautiful thing when artists put bits and pieces of themselves in their art, rather than just words that don’t hold any significance to them. Shaw talks about his first album release this year, and how honest he was in this self-titled album quoting,

“I think the album, sonically, lyrically and creatively reflects all of the different facets of me and where I am in my life right now. I felt completely liberated in the studio mixing pop, dance, and rock elements and feel that these are the best songs I have ever written. They are the ones that took the most self-reflection and are the absolute best representation of me and my growth as a songwriter.”

His self-titled album consists of 17 songs, including his new single “Love You Still.” Shaw says he is treating this album like his first for multiple reasons. He feels as though he is introducing himself to the world on a more global scale. Unlike his prior success, which he feels was limited, to Canada.

Tyler Shaw’s other new album is a Christmas album and the only one he’ll ever write. He has some covers and some originals on the album. The first song on the album is called, “Christmas Through Your Eyes.” It’s an original that he wrote from the inspiration of his daughter who was born early last year. Shaw has been greatly influenced by his daughter while finishing up both of these albums. This song is specifically about the child-like excitement surrounding Christmas.

I would love to start listening to Tyler Shaw. Seeing as he’s Canadian- he mentions what it’s like growing up in BC and the music he was influenced by:

“I feel like Canadians really take pride in the successes of Canadian artists; I know I do. I always thought it was so cool to know artists like Michael Bublé or Nelly Furtado were from BC, where I was from. It made things feel a little more achievable.”

Check out Tyler Shaw’s website for more information and concert tickets:


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