Vancouver Record Label Approaching Creativity In A New Way

Local record label by the name of “Chaos Club Digital” opened in Vancouver in May of 2020 with hopes to open up opportunities for the hip-hop community in Vancouver.

The record label was launched by Buk Nkosi and Zac Dolesky. The creative director, Natasha Dion along with Buk and Zac saw an opportunity to open up a label and a platform for artists to really display their talent after being frustrated with Vancouver’s lack thereof.

Chaos Club Digital is taking a different approach in a creative aspect. Exploring different ways to do things, which can be a crucial part in any creative process.

“What sets us apart from other labels is our unorthodox approach to creativity; almost anything goes, we are not disillusioned into thinking we know everything, which is the most exciting part for us because it allows us to try different things.” – Buk Nsoki


Chaos Club, labels name is very fitting. Nkosi explains the process,

“We believe authentic creativity is inherently chaotic, it’s difficult to tame, and that is what inspired the name.”  – Buk Nkosi (Daily hive)


Chaos club digital is a record label in which artists can thrive, really challenge themselves and find what works best for them. A major purpose of this label is the chance to experiment with different sounds, genres, and people. Community in this business is so important.

The talent in Vancouver has always been there. It’s just a matter of artists finding a platform in which they can build on their potential. It’s exciting to see Vancouver represent some hip-hop talent. Co-founder Nkosi notes that even though Chaos Club is focused primarily on the Canadian Scene at the moment, it would be nice to see it represent artists on a global scale.

To learn more about Chaos Club Digital, and the talent represented there, here’s the website:


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