Chase the Bear

I find it difficult when searching for local bands to eliminate the stigma of listening to a band just because they are local. Sometimes listening to local bands can be viewed as a chore or a responsibility but when I first heard Chase the Bear all of those worries disappeared.

Without question, Chase the bear creates a listening experience that anyone can enjoy with ever-changing sounds and rhythms making every song of theirs a unique listening experience through out their all be it small catalog of songs. But don’t think their few songs don’t hold merit into listening to them as each song holds the weight equivalent to make the band one of the more interesting rock bands to listen to in the year 2022.

The ability to take convention music sounds and completely re define the meaning of rock is what sets this band apart from the rest, and I live when newer, smaller bands are able to differentiate themselves from the status quo.

Chase the Bear is a rock and roll band from Vancouver, BC that also incorporates influences of indie, soul, R&B, and pop. The band gained recognition through their lead vocalist troy due to his powerful, yet smooth vocals. The band was started by brothers, Troy and Leo Gilmore and childhood friends Connor Brooks and Brendan Royer. The group originally lived in Fort St. John until they moved to Vancouver with dreams of making music into a career.

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