Remember the OG Tim Hortons?

What on earth has happened to the Tim Hortons I used to know and love?

There are few establishments as closely connected to Canadian culture as Tim Hortons. They have drawn from the nationalism well with their advertising and marketing for as long as I can remember. The difference is Tim Hortons doesn’t feel particularly Canadian anymore.

Since getting bought out by Burger King the sense of Tim Hortons having a role in our identity has faded for me. Quickly.

I can remember my grandparents taking me to the old school Tim Hortons. Walking into Tim’s felt comforting. A warm environment and atmosphere that was family driven. Like walking into Mom’s kitchen, it would always smell of warm soup. Herbs and stock wafting through the air welcoming you inside. These aromas intermingling with the scent of fresh donuts created a nostalgic combination I can still recall.

Speaking of donuts. The old sour cream glazed recipe absolutely slapped. In my mind, they were handmade with fresh dough. That might not have been true, but the quality of their baking was much better than it is today. It was always fresh.

The Tim’s near my house growing up would give away all the donuts they didn’t sell that day at closing time. We would ride our bikes up there and the owner would give all the community kids what was left.

That’s what Tim Hortons was for me. An extension of the community.

That allure has all but worn off now. I avoid Tim Hortons like the plague. The coffee might be the same, but the menu and quality of food now scream “Burger King” in my face any time that I try it. It’s a shame a piece of our Canadian culture was sold off to corporate America. As they continue to lower the quality and standards, they have lost my business.

I will always be able to recall the OG Tim Hortons in my mind’s eye. Sadly, this is nothing but a memory now. But it is a special and quintessentially Canadian memory that I will carry with me.

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