Lions OT Thriller Recap

It might be a cliché around here, but the Lions “scratched and clawed “their way to a 31-29 overtime victory over the Calgary Stampeders Saturday night.

This season has had some tremendous highs and lows since Nathan Rourke was lost for the season with a foot injury. A quarterback carousel that saw four players start over the past four games has finally found someone to give the fanbase hope.

Please put your hands together for Vernon Adams.

Adams put a non-refundable claim on the starter’s job after a standout performance Saturday night. He went 25-32 for 294 yards with a couple of touchdowns. It’s the kind of stable performance we were getting used to seeing with Nathan Rourke at the helm. Acquiring Vernon Adams from the Alouettes is looking like a genius maneuver now. After taking a week to get the playbook under his belt, this was a huge confidence-building performance for the Lions.

It’s only a one-game sample size, but Adams looks ready to provide enough offence to compete and keep this team in the playoff race. That is all we want as fans, especially after rising expectations due to an exciting brand of football with Nathan Rourke leading the way. This product might not have the same pizzazz, but the wins all look the same if you make the playoffs.

The Lions now sit at 9-3 and are still in a great spot entering the stretch run. There is a lot of football left, and there will be some bumps along the road with so much change to the most important position on the field.

Only one thing matters at this point.

Lions football is not done yet if Vernon Adams has anything to say about it.

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