Fried Chicken is my Love Language 

Close your eyes.

And picture yourself biting down on the crunchiest piece of fried chicken you have ever enjoyed. The sound of the crunch echoes in your head as your brain starts to interpret this life-changing experience.

We all have dishes we crave when we’re in the mood for a special treat. Food that satisfies far more than just your hunger. Aromas and flavours that excite your senses and establish a connection and story in your life.

Now, I am not talking about your run-of-the-mill KFC fast food. I’m talking about establishments that take their fried chicken seriously. An elevated take on what is deemed inexpensive fast food is the kind of dining that calls to me. Rooted in flavour and far from pretentious, The Downlow Chicken Shack is my favourite spot to hit that comfort food note.

My love for their menu runs deep. They have struck a great balance of taking their craft seriously and pushing limits while also offering the staples of southern cuisine. It’s the nuances of thinking outside the box that keeps me coming back.

Such as the sweet and sour slaw. 10/10. Coleslaw is something that can turn out horribly if not done properly. With the added cumin and pickled red onion, this side dish serves as a refreshing palate cleansing bite between the fried chicken. To me, the must-have item is “The Cool Ranch.” Having that ranch flavour dusted onto the fried chicken is a match made in heaven. Each bite is so packed with flavour….my mouth is currently watering.

One final tip.

Honey is part of their “little things” section of the menu (essentially more sides). ADD HONEY TO YOUR CHICKEN. Non-negotiable. The added sweetness takes this fried chicken to the stratosphere.

Treat yourself. Have some fried chicken done right today!

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