Acoustic Guitars Are Too Hard. Wrong Answer!

There are countless reasons why first learning the basics on an acoustic guitar is best.

If you are reading this and just getting started on the instrument, please heed this advice. As tempting as it is to be a tractor beamed towards the electric guitar wall when you walk into a music store, don’t spend your money there first.

Even if you recently watched Stranger Things and thought the scene with Eddie shredding the Master of Puppets solo was the greatest scene ever created (I did as well).

I get why the temptation is there. They look far more impressive, coming in a wide array of colours and aesthetics. The light gleams off the hardware and vibrant pickguards, each design and colour scheme unique and enticing. Not only that, but they are also much easier to play as a beginner (and as an advanced player as well). The body of the electric guitar has a thin profile. This allows you to tuck the instrument right up against you, giving you more control. The biggest difference must be the strings. The electric guitar strings are malleable and easier on your fingers. You hardly have to apply any pressure and you have a nice clean note that can carry further if you are plugged in. All of this makes it much easier to accomplish challenging tasks on the fretboard.

This all sounds great, right?

Although true, it is also much easier to start building bad habits. All the good that comes with the electric guitar also makes it harder to have proper left-hand technique. If you have poor thumb placement, you can get away with it on an electric guitar. On an acoustic, if you have any lazy technique at all you will notice the quality of sound production dip right away.

You have to work hard to play clean on an acoustic. Therefore, anyone looking to pick it up should start there.

Do you agree with me? Or am I way off and the electric guitar is king?

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