Easy indoor plants to take care of

Do you love plants but you think is difficult to take care of them? Or all the time that you get one it dies fast? Well here are some plants you can have that are easy to take care of and will look beautiful at your home!

  • Peperomia: 

This is a plant from South and Central America it is large and rounded and doesn’t grow more than a foot high, you only need to water it once a week.

  • Spider plant:

Or Chlorophytum Comosum is an African plant with large leaves and it can grow some small white flowers and just needs an occasional trimming and as well only once a week watering.

  • Chinese Money plant:

As the name mentioned, this plant is originally from China and is very small with rounded leaves, they also mention that it attracts money, so why not giving a try? Best part is that it only needs water when soil it’s dry.

  • Zebra plant:

This plant from Brazil has little lines that make it look like a zebra and it rarely grow more than a foot and you can fit it anywhere plus you just need to water it every two or 3 weeks.

  • Cactus: 

Cactus are my favourite ones, there’s many kind of cactus that are originally from Mexico and North America, there’s many sizes of this plant but you can always fins very small ones and you have to water it just when soil is dry which happens infrequently.

  • Moth Orchid:

And if you rather have something with flowers and Orchid is the best option, they come in different colours and you just have to water it when soil is entirely dry just put it by a window or somewhere that can get a lot of sun and the best part is that this beautiful plant from Southeastern Asia flowers twice a year.

So now that you know this you can go to get one pretty plant for your house, you can find this kind of plants almost everywhere, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Ikea and in many grocery stores.

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