A data scientists role in finding solutions

The shortage of physicians In hospitals is a cause for concern as many of them are feeling burnt out. There are many people that play a role in finding a solution to the shortage of physicians and other problems that the healthcare system faces. A data scientist who works for the Medical Association of Canada, Ayush Joshi describes his role in finding solution.

“In my role, I come up with models for predicting, for example, demand and supply shortage of physicians in hospitals and then we come up with policies that address them.”

Finding a solution to dire situations like a shortage of physicians is a big responsibility that data scientists are entrusted with. There are challenges to face in any field of work and the field of data science is no different. There are unpredictable dynamics that play a part in the responsibility of a data scientist and Joshi describes this as one of the challenges.

“It is challenging because a model always won’t have 100% accuracy in real life because there are some variables that models just can’t predict just because of the human element.”

It seems like AI machines are not completely in charge of finding solutions for the issues that the Medical Association of Canada face but that doesn’t feel like a terrible thing. There is a sense of comfort knowing that people like Ayush are constantly trying to find solutions for major problems.

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