My Ghost

My whole entire life I never believed in ghosts. I’m a very realistic person. But a couple months ago I had quite a few situations that could not be explained by any realistic or logical reason.


It  started in February, 2:00am in the morning. I had just got done hanging out with a friend at my house and after he left I sat downstairs by myself for ten minutes. Now pay attenuation because this time line is important. 5 minutes after my friend left my cat ran downstairs and started to aggressively rub against me and howl, like she was crying. 5 minutes after my cat had run downstairs I heard my parents scream as loud as they could, then call out my name multiple times over. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could to see what was wrong and they told me they had heard a loud crash somewhere upstairs. Instantly my ind raced as to what it could be. Did they hear my friend leave? No, he had left over ten minutes ago. Was it my cat? No she had been downstairs for a solid 5 minutes. I told my parents I would be back, put on my big boy pants and went to investigate. The first place I checked was the upstairs bathroom. It was pitch black so I turned on the light to look around. Its not a massive bathroom, but it has a shower, toilet, and sink. The usual things. There were three towels hanging up on the shower curtain rod but you could see clearly that their was no one in the shower so I left the towels alone. I exited, turned off the light and moved across the hall into my moms office. Once again I turned the lights on and saw nothing. Suddenly I heard a loud thud come from the bathroom I had just checked. I like to believe I’m a brave person but that noise scared the crap out of me. I could hear both my parents instantly ask what the noise was and I slowly moved to the bathroom to once again investigate. When I flicked on the lights, the bathroom looked the exact same, except for one minor detail. All three towels had fallen down at the same time. Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s not to scary, and this can indeed be explained! My mind goes to the window being open that night, and maybe the wind knocked them down. But that doesn’t help explain where that first loud crash came from, and my family still has no idea what it was to this day.

The second part of this story happened just a month later. It was night time, around 8:00pm and I was home alone. My parents had been in Hawaii for a couple of days now and weren’t supposed to come back for another three. I was once again upstairs, this time getting ready for a shower in that same bathroom as the first story. I had music playing of course, because who doesn’t shower listening to music. Suddenly I heard a loud crash, similar to the one my parents had described  a month earlier. This time I knew where it came from though. I turned and looked at the office door, no question in my mind something had fallen in there. The door had been shut though when my mom went away, as no one had any reason to be in their. The second I looked and turned at the door though I saw something so terrifying I was glad I had just gone pee. The door knob physically turned and the door slowly creaked open. Now this part of the story is a bit embarrassing but in my underwear I quickly sprinted downstairs and set my house alarm. My poor neighbours probably thought I was scared of my own bathroom. I set the house alarm though so that if their was someone in my house they wouldn’t be able to escape. The alarm is triggered from the outside and inside so if anyone was going to leave I would know. I then went back upstairs and slowly crept towards the office door. I pushed it the rest of the way open and turned on the lights. Their was on one in there. For the next twenty minutes after that I searched every corner of my house. You probably guessed their was on one in the house right? But how do you explain a turning door handle? Wind cant turn a door handle. Animals could not physically turn a door handle. Only two things can turn a door handle. A human, or a ghost. You already know which one I think it is.

So do you believe in ghosts? If you say no I strongly would have agreed with you a couple months ago. But at this moment in time almost nothing could convince me that I don’t have a ghost somewhere in my house.

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