Horses, one of the best animals

You know that horses can be a pet too? This big animals are amazing and ir gives you benefits if you have one.

1) Reduces Stress: As all the pets, even fish, horses helps reducing stress, but being around horses can give you a peaceful state of mind and of course pet them, walk with them and even brush them is amazing too.

2) They are fun: This animals have a lot of energy and are very playful so you can have fun around them.

3) Horses live long: More than other pets, horses live around 25 to 30 years, which of course is amazing to share more years with them.

4) They give you emocional support: Like dogs does, horses can know if you feel sad and they tend to be more sweet and playful with you in that moments.

5) You can do exercise too: Horses are a very good animal to do exercise with, you may won’t believe it but doing horse riding is a great work out for the legs and core.

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Also here are some fun facts about this animals: 

1) Horses can’t breathe through their mouth
2)  Horses can sleep standing up
3)  They have lightning fast reflexes
4)  This big animals have 10 different muscles in their ears
5)  Horses have a 360 degree field vision
6)  Horses do not have teeth in the middle of their mouth
7)  They are of course highly intelligent animals
8)  The earliest ancestor of a horse is estimated to have lived 55 million years ago
9)  Horses have a fixed pelvis, so they cannot do splits.
10)  And last one, horses of course are very social animals.

Of course as other pets they are animals and need attention and space, you need a huge garden to have a pet like this and a barn where he can sleep and be protected from the rain, also this big animals needs to eat a lot, they usually love fruit and veggies like apples and carrots and also love some cookies as a treat.

So this animal is very amazing and very sweet to have as company as long you have the space and time for it.

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