Hamilton will be in Vancouver next week!

Do you like musicals? Then Hamilton is something you can’t miss, this Broadway show will be presenting its show from May 24th to June 29th in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre after two years of postponing it due to the pandemic.

So what’s Hamilton about?
This is the story of an orphan named Alexander Hamilton who experiences a hard early life and move to the island of Nevis to study at King’s College in New York where he meets meets Aaron Burr, John Laurens, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulliga. Hamilton accepts a position during the New York and New Jersey campaign as Geroge Washington’s aide-de-camp for field command. The musical closes with a reflection on historical memory.

I don’t want to add more about what’s Hamilton story about so you don’t get spoilers and you can enjoy the show.

This is an American Musical that is sung and rapped and it’s by Lin Manuel Miranda.

“I was inspired to write the musical after reading the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.” – Lin Manuel Miranda

This show premiered on January 20th 2015 in “The Public Theatre” in New York City (Off- Broadway) and after few months (August 6th 2015) moved to the “Richard Rodgers Theatre” on Broadway where it got high box office sales. The first tour of Hamilton began in March 2017.

This show has a record-breaking of 16 nominations and won 11 awards.

Hamilton is about  America then, as told by America now.” -Lin Manuel Miranda 

Alexander Hamilton has been played by Lin Manuel Miranda in the Vassar Workshop (2013), Off Broadway (2015), Broadway (2015) and in the third tour in the USA.

Miranda casts very diverse actors to this show, could be black, latino or asian who are portraying old white figures and he said that this looks like America looks now and it’s 100% intentional, which is for sure amazing.

So you should check this amazing musical since it has very good reviews and many awards and for sure you’ll have a great time!



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