Brahm’s Tams Stanley Park Drum Circle

You know the drumming is good when you can feel it through you’re entire body so why not go and check out Brahm’s Tams Stanley Park Drum Circle.

They meet at Stanley Park’s Third Beach every Tuesday evening from May through September and the forecast calls for sunshine.

It’s a huge event with their slower days still drawing out hundreds of people.

It’s a great walk along the Seawall and it can be heard a good ways away.

In the middle of the crowd are the musicians playing their djembes, which are West African-style rope-tuned goblet drums played with the bare hand, and the sound is amazing.

If you have your own djembe, it’s recommended you bring it to join in on the drumming action.

There are some officers grouped up at the edges of the event who are there in case things get out of hand.

Sometimes, they’ll wander the beach on horseback for a strange sight.

This is not run by a not-for-profit or other organization and is inspired by the Tam-Tams in Montreal, Quebec.

This is an amazing late-night event with amazing drumming and a great view of the sunset.


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