Dan Mangana a folk rock singer in Vancouver

I have introduced folk singers in Vancouver in the previous articles. Today I want to introduce a folk rock singer in Vancouver. He is Dan Mangan. He was born in 1983 and lives in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. He first released the first song When the song was 20 years old, it was called All At Once, and he made a total of 500 copies to sell or give away in the Vancouver area.

His first album was sold online or promoted at live performances until July 2007, when Vancouver independent record label File Under: Musi helped him re-release the album with new artwork and Additional track “Ash Babe”.

He has won two Juno Awards and toured extensively in North America, Europe and Australia, releasing 5 studio LPs as well as numerous EPs and singles. He has composed feature films as well as TV scores for Netflix and AMC. He is also the co-founder of Side Door, a marketplace platform that connects artists with alternative venue spaces for live and online performances.

When watching his live performances, it is natural to be attracted by his unique voice. It is a very comfortable voice, which makes people indulge in it. The lyrics he wrote are simple and close to people’s hearts. It is easy to understand Let people sing along with him, and his signature smile when he performs is even more unforgettable. When he performs on stage, he is like a very good friend. He can easily exchange various moods and stories with him, that is A very special feeling, one must go to the scene and listen to his performance in person to feel it. His rock songs sound very relaxed, soft and not heavy metal. Listening to his song will make you want to start learning how to play guitar and sing like him

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