Vancouver music legend Jim Byrnes

Vancouver music legend Jim Byrnes returns
to the Rogue Folk Clubon May 20 for a true night of blues.

Today we will bring you his legend story, Byrnes was born in St. Louis, Missouri. His mother was a housewife and his father was a municipal accountant. At the age of thirteen, Jim started singing and playing guitar. Jim Byrnes began his love with acting and music when he was still a small child. In college he found acting jobs easily until the draft sent him to war instead of to Hollywood. Byrnes kept his dreams, and himself, alive, and returned to follow his original goals as best he could after his tour of duty was over. His first professional performance was in 1964. Byrnes moved to Vancouver in the mid-1970s and in 1981 formed the Jim Byrnes Band – which became a staple of the local music scene. For nearly 50 years, he’s hummed, stretched, belted, yelled, and sweet-talked more songs into the microphone than most people have heard in their lifetime. His evocative, smoky vocals are found in a fact that doesn’t happen overnight.

In 2004, Jim teamed up with Steve Dawson, one of North America’s most acclaimed producers of root music. Together they made five great albums: 2004’s Fresh Horses, 2006’s Juno Award-winning ‘House Of Refuge’, 2009’s My Cane, 2010’s Everywhere West, To Jim A tribute to the origins and influences, and 2012’s “I Hear the Wind in the Wire,” a one-song album from the golden age of country music.

Listening to his music is as comfortable as being in the embrace of nature, the body will naturally relax with the melody, and the mood will become very good. The friends who like his music must not miss this good music feast. Be sure to be there to hear his live performance.



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