The 23rd Annual Shambhala Music Festival

The 23rd Annual Shambhala Music Festival will take place July 22-25, 2022.

The Shambhala Festival started in 1998 and has grown into one of Canada’s largest and oldest electronic music events. It is famous for its unique art installations and huge lineup.The festival venue is set among lush farms near the West Kootenay Mountains, bringing music into nature. Towering sunflowers enliven the festival.

The festival has several unforgettable stages, namely the amphitheater, the fractal forest, the woods, the parlor, the pagoda, and the village.The terrain around the Kootenay Mountains is complex, and in order to give each stage a unique immersive environment, PK sound production staff deployed 300 speakers with 5 different sound systems.

The main dance floor area is well below stage height, so VX12 line arrays are used on both sides of the stage. A sound wall of 18 subwoofers was also deployed, as well as delay stacking on both sides of the stage.Because of the unique layout of the Forest Stage, the audience area around the stage requires a system that evenly disperses the sound field in all directions. Through PK’s VX10 linear array, a 360-degree full-coverage linear array arranged in a radial pattern around the stage is realized, with a total of 32 cabinets.

For the pagoda stage, the PK team deployed an 8-sided VX12 linear array. With such a high level of musical talent and the crowds that come with it, there is a need to keep up with the sound.The living room and amphitheater stage have their own natural beauty and acoustic challenges. The living room stage sits on the banks of the Salmon River, where rocks and running water create a relaxing echo. To accommodate this design, a 20 VX10 compact line array paired system and a bass wall of 18 CS212 subs were built.

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