Khatsahlano Street Party is back on July 9th this year!

Khatsahlano Street Party is back on July 9th this year!

Looking back on 2019, when musician Johnny Payne performed on the Kater stage, it attracted hundreds of citizens to watch, and the atmosphere was very lively. The climax of the all-day party is the dancing party and various music performances that start at 6 pm, and the scene is packed with people. the conference invited a number of local indie bands to perform live, including West Coast pop indie band Hey Ocean and local sister group Harlequin Gold. There was also a large fashion show at the time. Due to the large number of performance units, the convention divided Kitsilano’s 4th Street (4th Ave.) into 7 stages, providing children, fashion, yoga, music and other different performances.

In addition to the various stages, there were also children’s play facilities on site. There were performers on stilts and a decoration of a basketball hoop for children to shoot. In addition, there were also many handicraft making and play booths for children to have fun. Many parents brought their children to the scene to participate in the street party, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

The conference also set up food trucks and booth areas at the street party scene, allowing various restaurants to participate and sell different types of food. Some restaurants even set up a beer area, so that people can drink beer and chat on the street. Looking forward to seeing more booths and singers participating this summer after the organizer has been closed for two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19, will bringing new experiences and feelings.

Khatsahlano Street Party is in its 10th year, and they are dedicated to providing a platform for shops, groups and musicians in the local community to share their goods, services and music, and lead people to know a different Vancouver through music.

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