The insane conspiracy of Justin Trudeau Castro

Believe it or not, there’s a conspiracy theory that Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is in fact, the illegitimate son of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. Now, where could such an outlandish rumour come from?

It all originates from their uncanny resemblance, which I can’t deny. They have the same cleft chin and a heavy low brow. However, these features could also be described as very basic European features.

But their looks just aren’t enough to base a conspiracy theory on.

So this is where it gets interesting… Supposedly, Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret were swingers and adored Castro.

In April 1971, the Trudeau’s vacationed to the Caribbean, where at some point of their trip the newlyweds escaped to an undisclosed island. 8 and a half months after their island rendezvous, Justin was born on Christmas day. Coincidence? Conspiracy theorists think not!

I guess during their secret trip, Castro would’ve impregnated Margaret? At a swingers party? It’s unclear when/how the impregnating happened, but that’s not what matters! What matters is, the son of a communist is running our country!!! (I’m joking of course)

It is true that the Trudeaus had a strangely close relationship with the Cuban revolutionist. However, once you start fact-checking, the theory falls apart quickly. Margaret Trudeau first met Castro in 1976, five years after Justin’s birth. So unless young 22-year-old Margaret was secretly corresponding with the dictator in the early 70s, it’s unlikely Justin is Castro’s son.

There is no way to know the exact ins and outs of Margaret Trudeau’s sex life but the story that theorists are running with isn’t very convincing.

The truck convoy and its supporters are clinging to this narrative. The far-right media outlets will always run on conspiracy theories, similar to the rumours surrounding Barack Obama’s birthplace, this is just another back and forth between the right and left.

Politics aside, this is the funniest video on earth:

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