Travis Green Fired: A Light of Hope for the Canucks

So it seems like Aqulini can listen after all.  It has been confirmed that Travis Green is out of the Canucks as the head coach by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman.  The Canucks fans are celebrating on Twitter. This just comes after a devastating loss to the penguins 4-1 last night.  Honestly good. Like this is the best news I have heard in a long time. Because it seems Christmas has come early for us.

As in regards to Travis green. I think he will be fine for the most part. I say this because he earns a bunch of money being the head coach of the team and in the event that his contract is terminated which  most likely has happened. He probably has some form of severance package. I would say for him he should lay low for a while and not get another coaching job for a bit.

Especially because of last night’s game. But something tells me that he will be hired elsewhere so honestly losing his job sucks on a personal level which I do understand, But the performance does not justify him staying there per say. But this new I do know too much about him, but this is promising. Here is a little bit of what I could find.  Bruce Boudreau  is his name. He played for the Toronto Maple Leaves, He was the Head Coach for several teams Washington Capitals,  Anaheim Ducks and the Minnesota Wild is his most recent Head coaching gig. Again I think this is a ray of hope for this team.

We will see him in action December 6th going against the Kings at home. I have seen many tweets citing praise for the team which is good. Because many were frustrated with Aqullini’s lack of action at the time. Some of that Anger has been mostly quelled which is good. But people are still pushing for Fire Benning. Which I do get and also want but. This I will take for now. Let’s give this new head coach a chance and maybe we might get better. Ellias Peterson who has been in a slump lately can maybe get back in the swing of things. But to conclude I got to say this. May the Canucks redemption arc begin.

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