Canucks vs Penguins: No Just No Please STOP

        This game was really depressing. How did we get 3 penalties in a row on 2nd  period. What is this, what even is this. We were doing so well. So well. And then this happened.  I thought we were going back up. But no. Down. We go back now to losing. I want to know where did the momentum GO. Like where?The last game was perfect. But not we get garbage. Like  how did we get this bad. I want to know. And please fire benning. That chant during the game Fire benning. I could hear that on my Tv Audibly. Like how despondent the Canucks fanbase is right now. 8 years under Jim benning and we have only gone to the playoffs twice. Others literally were fired for less. I will fault the players for getting penalties, the 10 min one was kind of suspect but the other two I can see. When I was watching this live .I thought the first penalty was fine. Basically oh ok business as usual.

The second one was a little concerning but ok but then the third. I knew we lost and facepalmed and not too long the Penguins scored. And then everyone knew we had lost. After that it just got worse. Penguins scored again in third period. Which was just salt to the wounds of  Canucks fans everywhere. Even to the third period especially after that 4th shot.  You can hear audible booing on tv for the world to see. As the game came to a close you could see Rogers Arena seats empty because of fans leaving. Twitter was on fire with Fire Benning tweets were all on display last night as well.


And someone at the end of the game threw a Bo Horvat Jersey on the ice. I understand that people say that this is unacceptable but I believe we can make an exception. Why because the owner Francessco Aquillini is not doing anything. The fanbase does not feel like their being heard. They are sick and tired of losing, And seeing bad contracts. I do not blame them. Also the Jerseys are overpriced so if a disgruntled fan wants to throw it is fine. I mean it is their money right?

The team is a dumpster fire and I highly doubt anyone wants to really  watch  the Canucks. I know I am not because this show how incompetent the teams is, And it was really hard to watch. The only redeeming factor of the game. It is Demko. Demko played great and I feel bad about all the stuff he has been through. Because I would be  frustrated  about the amount of losses this team has.If I were him. And I certainly would.  But to end of this article all I got to say is this. Fire Benning and Fire Green  Francesco Aqulilini, Because those chants will not stop and people will tune to something else if you do not.

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