Panic at the Register

Panic buying is becoming more common as of late, we all remember the beginning of the pandemic where toilet paper, and hand sanitizer were the items to buy way too much of. Now with the recent natural disaster in the Lower Mainland cutting off roads and causing huge flooding. We are once again experiencing the phenomenon of panic buying. So it is worth understanding what causes panic buying and why it is really a weird phenomenon.

Panic buying is a weird thing, we can all agree on that. So why does it happen, well it is a response to anxiety and fear of the unknown. This fear and anxiety of the unknown is very prevalent when something massive happens such as the recent flooding. We are all scared as to what this means for us, but what definitely won’t help is panicking. Having a moment during the day where you feel scared is fine, but running out there to suck up all the gas you can is not a healthy way of coping. What seems to be the most healthy response is to buy maybe a little more, an extra bit of milk, another carton of eggs or just a little more of something.

So what can you do to help yourself when it comes to a situation where panic buying might start to happen. Step one is don’t panic, understand that things aren’t exactly cheery, but that doesn’t mean Mad Max is right around the corner either. Think about what you need, a little bit more is the real takeaway, stocking up for the apocalypse is silly. If you feel panicked and that you need to prepare for the end, take as long as you need and reflect on what you are feeling and how the world is not about to end. Having a healthy mindset is the best way to stop yourself from panic buying, as for other people? Send them this article, it might help.

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