Canucks Vs Senators: Are we back?

We won our second game in Ottawa YEAH!!!. 6-2 against the senators. I had checked twitter throughout  the night. It was a bit funny when Gauette scored because he left the Canucks not too long ago.  We were going good two minutes in when we scored until that happened. But then Tyler Motte scored into the second period  which was good.

Honestly I was expecting a repeat of  what happened in Montreal in which we would win on the score. Until Alex Schenn scored with 28 seconds on the clock in the  second period. This was Schenn’s first goal with the Canucks. I noticed the Canucks twitter congratulated him  on his first goal with the Canucks.

People were making jokes that he could not score but now have been silenced. And things got better in the game when Bo Horvat scored  the 4th goal for the Canucks on the 15th minute mark and  that was just fantastic.

My reaction live was let’s goooooo while raising my arms up being excited. And the Canucks that night and then Alex Chiasson scored  the 5th goal for the Canucks and that gave any Canucks fan with a smile on their face.

And then the Cherry on top for this game is  the 2 minute mark scored again with J.T Miller which he just rushed though  the senators like it was nothing. The senators did score before that but. It does not matter.

We STILL WIN!!!. The team did say they have regained their confidence and I am happy for them as a fan. Hopefully we can get to win a 3rd game for our winning streak at home this Saturday.

Overall my final thoughts are the Canucks are back. They naysayers who are saying this team fought the two worst teams in the NHL can really go take a hike. Look, we need a win,we got one and I am not going to complain. I get the Green and Benning need to go but I will give them props for this game. It is only fair.

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