Canucks vs Canadiens

The Canucks won their game last night. 2-1 .They needed this win. Like really needed it. Since there is a big distrust between Travis green, Jim Benning and the Aquiliny’s and the Canucks fanbase. And I have to admit I am peeved too because they made Trevor linden leave because they did not want to rebuild but I won’t get into that. The first goal by Ellias Peterson which is great because this was in a power play. Peterson despite what some people say I think is an essential player right now. I may have a bias towards him because I watched him live a couple of times and I have grown a liking to him as a fan. But anyways during the first half of the first quarter we had the advantage which I like.

A strong offense I think this team specializes at that, Unfortunately Montreal scored shortly after which did suck while watching because the Canucks last 4 games  they lost and I went a little despondent about the Canucks winning and when Bo Horvat scored that brought the hope back. Also during that whole game our goalie Thatcher Demko  saved a lot. Like 33 times. Honestly he seems to be  the reason why Green and Benning are not out of a job yet. I think he would be the MVP because those saves gave time for the Canucks to get sorted their game plan sorted out since the Canucks first goal. Which is pretty good. This next part I really took note of .

 I was watching this on sports net and the color commentator  made the comment along the lines of being the worst NHL teams at the moment. I cannot say that he is wrong it did seem like a battle of dumb and dumber. Because of the #Firebenning I am not sure on the Montreal end because I do not keep up with them but hey it seems we have head coaches that suck. But overall I think the Canucks did a good job and it is nice to see a win for once. Hopefully we can keep this up at Wednesday. 

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