Water Those Almonds


To grow one almond it takes over a gallon of water. Take a 4 litre milk jug, fill it with water, now take an almond and realize that a lot of water is needed to grow Almonds. So this begs the question why buy Almonds if they take so much water and to make it even worse they are grown in California which does not have a ton of water to go around. The word drought has been on the tip of everyone’s parched tongue. So this still leaves us with the lovely notion of Almonds taking up a ton of water. In fact, here is a fun little diagram.

Who else is about to lose it if you see another water-saving tip that doesn't address this? Pacific Institute released "…

Posted by Truth or Drought on Saturday, 31 January 2015

Wow what a graphic.

Anyways from that we can come to understand that we use a lot of water no matter what we are doing. Almonds are just one part of the equation, granted what equation has a drupaceous nut in it.  Over the years there has been on and off fuss about the amount of water that Almonds take, some people wanted Hipsters to lay off the Almond milk.

Lay Off the Almond Milk, You Ignorant Hipsters

And others want to call this alternative milk shaming article author a media spokesman for big Dairy. As always the answer is somewhere in the middle is Almond milk pure Almonds, packed to the brim with nuts, no. It is a milk alternative. The argument being made against these Almond hating Dairy spies is made by some very intense vegans, who will never miss an opportunity to say that someone “exploits and slaughters animals”, they sound fun. I am not being anti vegan by calling these people intense, in my opinion to each their own diet. 

To finish, there is no conspiracy by big Dairy to sell you more Almond milk, and Almonds aren’t the end of water as we know it. If you need this milky alternative go for it, if Almonds aren’t your style then that’s fine. Just have something that you enjoy, this article is just here to get rid of some of the ambiguity.

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