Music BC- Why I Think Performance for Musicians is Important

Although some musicians will be nervous to get on stage and perform, they will feel a sense of accomplishment after they perform.Β  Applause and feedback from an audience make the hours the artist spent perfecting their song worth it and knowing that they have a talent and skill all their own is a huge confidence boost.

Not only this, but mastering a song for a performance involves a number of other skills: each musician has to have their songs memorized, overcome their own nerves and fears, and be ready to finish their performances despite any mistakes that may occur.

The other important factor in performing music live is that artists will also be able to hear other musicians performing, and be inspired by them. We often hear how diverse our recitals are; with different instruments from piano to drums, and artists of all ages and levels, it’s a big opportunity for musicians to see what other music genres are out there!

Not only that, but often live performances will allow artists to see the value of performing not only as a soloist but with other musicians. This builds a sense of community within the music community, and it’s really inspiring to see everyone greet each other, complement and give feedback to their peers, and in some cases, work with and make music together throughout the year.

This is why I feel it’s paramount that any musician gets that first performance under their belt because from that first show or performance onwards, they can build on whatever went wrong and correct their mistakes for their next show.


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