Upcoming Vancouver Event- Range Christmas Party

Also coming up, and as we all know Christmas is on the horizon, is a Christmas Music Party at Wise Hall in Vancouver on December 11. It’s a Saturday too so don’t worry about how late your night goes 🙂

The event will feature 3 musicians/groups….including Mauvey from Ghana, Frankiie from Vancouver, and Nimkish from Okanagan Valley.

Starting with Mauvey, he was born in Ghana, West Africa, and raised between the UK and Vancouver. He filters his unique style of alternative pop with hip hop, as well as R&B/soul alongside his consistent message of “Love”. He wants his music to distribute love to everyone through the creative narratives of intentional songwriting, smart melody, and hypnotic beat.

He has been influenced by artists like Michael Jackson and Kanye West and says that he is inspired by artists who’ve made contributions so significant that their music will never be forgotten. Pretty strong motive behind the guy if you ask me!

Also present at the event will be Vancouver-based Indie Dream-Rock group Frankiie, whose story revolves around a separation of the band in the winter of 2016-17. It took that brief break-up for the groups’ members to truly realize just how appreciative they really were for each other. In the 3 years since, they’ve released one EP, had several tours, and started their own TV show!

Last but not least is Nimkish, an indigenous singer/songwriter born in the Okanagan Valley. Her name comes from the Nimpkish Valley of Vancouver Island. She writes about personal experiences, and her favorite part about music is the songwriting aspect of it. She debuted her first EP in 2018 and is expected to continue to grow and become more popular as she performs more and more. The ceilings are high for this talented artist!

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