Fantasy league for beginners

Fantasy leagues have become a growing craze since there were started in 1962 by Oakland businessman Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel with the Raiders public relations and reporter Scotty Stirling. Originally created for football has now spread to other sports like hockey with its fantasy league going back to the 1980s and Soccer which was started by an Italian journalist in 1994.

Most often Fantasy Leagues are played amongst small groups of people, often sports bars will have their own fantasy pool that you’re able to participate in and win cash prizes. Though it isn’t limited to just that. The NFL holds a National Fantasy Championship with a prize of $200,000 and more.

There are multiple ways people have adapted to play Fantasy Football but there are three main means of playing: Traditional, Keeper of Dynasty league, and Daily.

Traditional is a competition that typically runs a throughout the whole season.

Keeper of Dynasty League are drafted the same as “Traditional” but instead of making a news roster each season you are to keep your line up every year. Only drafting new players when players in your original league have retired.

Daily is a short form version of traditional which is often used for contest or competition. You’ll typically find this version for online fantasy leagues and betting pools.

Now a very basic start up you’ll need to begin you’re fantasy draft is you read up on player states and then select your players. The average fantasy team is 16 but that could change depending on your league.

Once you’ve selected your team you pick 9 players for the week to earn you points depending on plays made in games they played in the week. The left over 7 can be switched out under conditions if players in your original start up is injured or unable to play.


Once you’ve selected, your team now is to just sit back, watch and remember to track your points. There are now apps and websites that can help you track and give you tips on your selected players to strategize your team.

So, would you join a fantasy team with your friends or even to win prizes?

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