Is Canada getting a new NHL Team?

Could we see the return of the Quebec hockey team the Nordiques? Or is this merely all speculations and wishful thinking?

The Quebec Nordiques were a professional Hockey team that were apart if the World Hockey Association from 1972-1979 then the National Hockey League from 1979 to 1995. In May of 1995 they relocated to Denver Colorado where they were renamed the Colorado Avalanche. The decision to move the team was due to the align Canadian dollar,

There is talks of the Nordiques returning the Canadian Hockey league. Earlier this week Grey Brettman talked with Quebec Premier Francois Legault with setting up a meeting to further discuss.

“I spoke with [Mr. Bettman], and we have meetings with him in the coming months,” Legault said. “We are looking at what we need to bring back the Nordiques. I think we are capable of having a second team in Quebec.”

One issue faced with bringing back the Nordiques is their ability to employ French Canadian Players. This is a raised issue with the Montreal Canadiens who only have 3 Quebec players.

With the recent addition on the Seattle Krakens there is the concern is the league would consider expanding and to a total 33 teams. Right now, the league is split with an even 16 teams between the Wester and Eastern Conference.

Although NHL Officials have said they aren’t any meeting to be expected or planned Legault is adamant that that meeting in the coming months are under way.



Legault is up for re-election in October 2022 so there is also political speculation that he is using the possible return of the Nordiques as a part of a political strategy.

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