Why does no one really know of our local indie music industry?

Now I know what you are going to say IT IS INDIE. Yes I do get that indie does not get much coverage as more mainstream stuff  due to it’s nature but let’s get specific.

1.  Generally what I mean by this is basically most do not have a strong media presence. The use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They do not in a general sense know how to manipulate the algorithm into their favor.

2. Hitting their demographic is super niche to non existent. Indie bands. I think half of them are guilty of this. When you have Indie rock as  the music for your band you can get a sizable amount to listen, although small. But if it is anything other than that. No one really knows who you are  or what you are hitting at. Like if you had an indie country band in BC don’t expect to play in any nightclubs in Vancouver anytime soon.

3)No one cares. I know this may sound harsh, But I say this realistically this is true. You would need to have the actual talent and marketing prowess to make it big. Like sure you can play in a nightclub in Downtown Vancouver but people are there to enjoy the nightlife. The indie band is just there realistically to play some music to people to enhance  that experience. And since they are not really mainstream most people would not give them the time of day to really listen much less care about their music. Unless they have something truly exceptional which most indie bands do not have. Photo by

What are your thoughts on this? I know I am harsh in my criticism . But I am only saying what I am seeing. I hold no malice for these bands and I do find some of their music enjoyable but I think in a  more long term sense. if they want to be popular.  Thank you for reading this far. I think you have an open mind if you made it here. Comment down below on your thoughts. I would love to know them. Thanks for reading.

Here is a small guide also if you want to get into the indie scene

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