Vancouver symphony who actually goes?

Vancouver symphony? Who really goes there. And I do not mean this in a demeaning way. I get that there is an audience to it. Partly because it is still running today.  To put this in context I am 21. I would never hear any of my friends say hey let’s go on the symphony ever. Like almost no one in that age group would ever really say that. 

 I think to an extent that  it does not really suit young people to an extent. What I mean by this is the music to an extent does not appeal to a modern crowd. Sure people in the 1800 around the same age enjoyed the music but now not so much. This is basically a lack of modernity in some ways.


With the advent of stuff like Youtube and Spotify and other apps you can listen  to. Why go to a symphony in the first place? What is the point? I think this is an experience. For instance this would be the Orpheum. A very opulent place to listen to music. The person who is playing. I am aware of famous conductors  in the modern day world but most of the general public realistically does not know them. Not because there dumb or anything like that it is just not mainstream is why.

This gives me an idea who does go to the symphony nowadays,  upper middle class. In other words ,rich people. Like the 1800 example earlier, at that time the rich people could really afford these things and at present this still seems to be the case. Let’s look at an example : you can pay 140 dollars for 10 concerts that are online. This is dumb. Like really dumb. And these concert live streams go away in a short time, in a middle class family or anyone who is not in a rich demographic cannot really afford this on a whim. Also if we look at the symphony and who goes in it. They mostly dress very much in a formal way in  suits and ties and nice dresses sort of like what you would see in award shows. In the future I wonder if they are going to move from this demographic.  I am a fan of the Orpheum but I do wish they were more around my age. Thanks for reading.



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