Vancouver street busking

Vancouver street busking is pretty unappreciated in the music scene. Here are some reasons why.

  1. No one really knows about it. I mean honestly , let’s be real you do not really pay attention to busking. I do not either.  Maybe you see them in downtown while walking to your destination. you think they’re cool but you do not really pay attention to much. I mean with indie you are able to at least there is a small community that actually knows you and follows you but for busking are very much on the fickle end.
  2. Busking was pretty scarce even before the pandemic. To busk in Vancouver is actually pretty difficult. I looked at the process and there are a lot of hoops you have to jump. And the laws are very strict. Did you know you can busk in a location for 1 hour? I did not and I bet most people did know either. And there is a limited space in Vancouver to do this so yeah pretty scarce.
  3. Pretty good talent but not marketed well. Some of the buskers are actually really good and I think they can go all the way into stardom. But the way they put themselves at least in my opinion kind of sucks. I say this because when talented people busk their demographic is a little too big. They can appeal to a large crowd but not really appeal to a fanbase or at least it would be harder.If you are in indie and I say this again it is much easier  to  have a loyal fanbase than anyone who busks. If you are busking for fun that is fine but if you are busking for stardom I would recommend the indie route.

Overall despite the flaws busking is pretty unappreciated. What are your thoughts. Please comment them down below. Thanks for reading

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