Hey look an anime event in a Chruch

Yeah you hear it right this is real. There is an anime music event in a church. I will admit, very much surprised. I do not think anime and church would ever be in the same sentence unless it is a 90’s Christian pastor saying it is from Satan or something. This takes place in a Presbyterian Church in Kerrisdale. I think if you are a big anime fan like myself you really should go see this. Why you ask. It is rare to see these events in Vancouver EVER the closest we have seen this is with Pokemon Symphonic evolutions, Which I have personally seen and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!. But they have not been here in about 5 years so I do not expect them coming back anytime soon. Another reason you should go is it has a good set list. Looking it from a glance  it has  two out of the BIG Three. And if you do not know what they are . They are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. Naruto and One Piece are in there. But we do not know what specific theme they are playing.  But for me personally I hope they do Heroes Comeback  or Blue Bird by Ikkimono Gakari.The first one may be a little hard but Blue Bird would fit seamlessly.

This is Heroes Comeback

And this is Blue Bird

 There is also so more Modern Anime in there like  Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul and Yuri on Ice. Which if they want to hit there anime demographic, Which they are, are definitely good choices to put on a set list. 

The reviews on the site are pretty good.  They talk about the church being a very beautiful venue  and looking on photos on Church website very much check out. The architecture seems reminiscent of what you would a Viking Lodge house look to me at least, But very European but really nice.

And they say the music is very well done. This part I think with there set list checks out if they played badly There would be lot’s of reviews on how much it sucks and so far I have not seen that. If you want to check out that I will provide the link to purchase tickets below it does cost 35 dollars per person little pricey but Definitely worth it. And do not worry they are obeying social distance and other pandemic protocols if they did not they would have been shut down. 

Thank you for reading – Baron 

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