Weekend Plans? More like Weeknd Plans!

Canadian R&B singer Abel Tesfaye – known world-wide as The Weeknd, will be coming to town soon for his After Hours Tour. With COVID, and all of the restrictions that came with it, concerts have been tough to put on; with new strains, multiple waves, and group limitations being the main contributors. The original concert date for Vancouver was January 15th, 2022. Due to aforementioned reasons, The Weeknd has been forced to reschedule the tour dates and has yet to announce them.

The After Hours Tour is named after The Weeknd’s latest album, which features 14 absolute bangers; the most iconic song being “Blinding Lights”. This part New Wave, part synth-pop masterpiece won the Album of the Year award for the 2021 Juno Awards! It’s subjectively one of his best albums yet, with “Trilogy” being my personal runner up -although who knows what he has planned for the next album release.

Some of his previous albums include: My Dear Melancholy, (2018), Starboy (2016), Beauty Behind The Madness (2015), Trilogy (2012). His song “Wicked Games” was the first song of his I ever heard on the radio, so it’s a decently safe assumption that it potentially was the first song to truly put him on the map. His sound has definitely changed from 2012 to 2020, and I don’t know if many people can actually say what his next album will look like! I believe his newer synth-pop/alternative R&B sound is working quite well for him – appealing to a much wider audience than his “Beauty Behind The Madness” album did. I can honestly say that no matter what he does with his music, there is constant impro

Regardless of what he’s done and what he’s going to do, his After Hours Tour is most definitely something to look forward to. Hopefully dates will be announced soon, and The Weeknd can be greeted with a true Canadian welcome, and a very full crowd.

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