The Perfect Hoodie.

We are in the middle of Fall now and it is the perfect time to layer up with a hoodie. Some might be wearing a sweater or probably Canada Goose jacket, but hoodie is the most versatile by far since it is affordable and comfy to wear them everywhere. Especially in Vancouver, the rain could come at anytime, anywhere that you might not be aware enough and hoodie got you covered. How perfect you are, Hoodie! That’s the reason why Kanye West just released his “Perfect Hoodie” by the name of Yeezy x Gap.


The brand name Yeezy has been taking the world by storm following the footprints of Kanye West’s unique design for sneakers. During the 2020 interview with the Wall Street Journal, he told the world that he would make his brand Yeezy become more mainstream and down to earth for everyone with a hoodie, which described as “slightly cropped at the waist” and “heavy as a winter coat”. Therefore, the brand name Gap was asked to collaborate with him to produce the 2nd product called “perfect hoodie” that left a remarkable moment of 10 year partnership together.

The “perfect hoodie” comes with 5 wide range different colours, including blue, red, purple, brown, black and burnt khaki brown. Many customers are already in love with it when it was still in the package at first place and they all were amazed about how heavy the hoodie was as Kanye described and the fit was cropped and very long arms, which is easier to layer up some more clothes with it.

The “Perfect Hoodie” has sold out at $90 instantly and of course it always sold out that quick following of its hype and it releases a resell price of approximately $200 already if you might want to try one at this time.

Love it or hate it, Yeezy is just living up with its name, i believe Kanye has to make another release and i would probably not to sleep on it again for the “perfect hoodie” he ever made.


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