Is The Apple Watch Series 7 Worth It?

Are you ready to get your new Apple Watch Series 7 on this October 15th? Heck-to-the-yeah for the best watch you will ever wear them on! With 4 major new features of a full screen display, enhance durability, accurate measurement health assistant and 33% faster charging that costs for over $600. So gym rat, is that all perfect for you?

Hold up, i feel like that’s enough for me to make a commercial vibe there, but hear me out, there are some points that i need you to know about:

    • It is essentially made for the gem of fitness.

As Apple said: “Its the ultimate device for a healthy life”, which aim for who workout all day long, especially for pro athletes. So that, it is made to be durable as possible with the  strongest front crystal in order to carry a crack-resistant, as well as water and dust resistant. Additionally, it can help you to measure the blood oxygen level, sleep tracking and heart rate. Besides, Apple also introduces the Apple Fitness + to provide some fitness courses that come handy on your watch to keep tracking all the calories and heart rates.


    • Everything comes in handy.

All the perfect moments are mostly come from the convenience, just like the Apple Watch works like a charm. For instance, when you are cooking or washing dishes, then suddenly an important phone call comes and you have to stop everything to answer the call, yet the Apple Watch can help you right on your wrist and still multitasking with other things you are doing. Lovely!

    • Not meant for everybody.

It costs over $600 after taxes for the cheapest model you can get and yes it is overpriced for just a smartwatch. However, some middle class people would say worth it following of its quality and helpful for their lifestyle, also, there are another edition called “Hermes” that would cost for double the price just for the upgrade of premium leather strap made by the luxury name of Hermes. Nonetheless, there is a model called SE, which is a downgrade of the Series 7, but still have most of the great features from Apple, that i personally consider it is more appropriate for most of everyone.

Overall, Apple Watch Series 7 is a great investment for improving a healthy lifestyle and becomes an assistant wherever you go. Although, the price may not be affordable for everyone, but it is worth for those who prioritize their time and health since there are irreplaceable rather than money.


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