Why Apple Becomes So Overated?

Apple has recently released their new iPhone 13 lineup and literally just sold out almost right away. Many other customers are still waiting on it for couple months to be available in store and shipped to their home that put myself some questions about how Apple drives their customers overwhelmingly. Even though their new products does not have much potential changes than many other brands like Samsung with the foldable phone and Google Pixel with a completely new design from the back to the front. They are mostly creating a new revolutionary in a smartphone to enhance the futuristic experience, which they put so many efforts to attract more customers but still can’t take over Apple.

To be honest, I am not about to judge how Apple is lethargic about modifying their new iPhone 13, in fact, i am impressed that Apple is bonding with the “less is better” strategy effectively, which thrives their customers to trust in the quality over quantity.

Have you ever noticed that most of Apple’s products are always providing new software updates? Even the iPhone 6s had been released 6 years ago but Apple still considered them to be updated. That’s why Apple has so many potential customers simply because the software is the heart of the product and it improves the appearance of their products become much more valuable. For a better instance, it is like a combination of eating healthy and working out for your body because you love yourself!

Just like what Apple did to their products, they also aim for what is necessary for their customers’ daily driver so they improve them in an appropriate way like battery, a tougher glass of a screen and the back, a new A15 chip, a higher refresh rate display and  especially the camera quality.

Those are the factors that Apple can easily take most of people’s money away not just because of the brand, it is about the quality in software that Apple provides to show how powerful in their products are.

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