Next Week: VSO presents Back to the Future Live!

Back in the early days theatre, when films were silent and Charlie Chaplin was king, going to the movies was a much different experience. Patrons would dress to the nines, tickets were expensive, and an orchestra would play the track of the film live below the screen. Next week, from September 23-25, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is taking us BACK (heh) to those days with Back to the Future in Concert!

Fire up your DeLorean and take it back to 1985 in a brand new way. Attendees will watch the movie on the big screen in the iconic Orpheum as the orchestra plays Alan Silverstri’s masterpiece soundtrack in time with the film!

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is entering its 103rd season this fall after surviving 20 months without a single show due the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions. The Back to the Future show will be their second show back following a gala performance on September 18th. You can find tickets to either or both of these events here, prices range from 35-110 dollars.

This is a great opportunity to get dressed up and get out of the house with friends or a date, opportunities that we have largely been denied over the last year and a half. This is an excellent way to revisit a timeless classic with a great soundtrack, or, if you have been living in a hole, an incredible way to experience the movie for the very first time.

The September 23rd and 24th shows, Thursday and Friday, both kick off at 7:00pm. The Saturday show on the 25th is a matinee, starting at 2:00pm. This is a one time event, so don’t miss out!

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