Local Percussionist makes Vancouver his Instrument

Everyone can relate to the child banging away on pots and pans in the kitchen trying to make something musical. Or, more likely just something loud and annoying. The joy of drumming and experimenting with new sounds is engrained in human culture for as long as it has been recorded, and a local artist is taking it to the streets for the next step of this musical evolution.

Musician Ben Brown has made it his mission to play Vancouver as his instrument this year, titling this project “Sound Sculptures,” and his work is coming to its finale this month. Brown has selected four public structures to play like a percussion instrument: Dragon Skin Pavilion (UBC), Gate to the Northwest Passage (Kitsilano), Solo (Coal Harbour), and The Swimmer (Vancouver Aquatic Centre).

Brown’s journey to explore the “playability” of the city is at its climax after practicing on and learning the ins and outs of these structures for nearly a year. He is now playing four live shows, one every Sunday at one of each of the four structures he has learned to play. His first performance was yesterday, the 12th at the Dragon Skin Pavillion. Footage of his work is already available on his instagram @benbrownsounds

Ben’s next show will take place on Sunday the 19th at the Gate to the Northwest Passage at 3:00pm. The show will also feature a live dance performance from two local studios, All Bodies Dance and Dancing the Parenting. This event is free to attend and is an incredibly creative and unique way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For more information on Ben and the event, check out his website here.

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