THIS WEEK: A Live Orchestral Tribute to Daft Punk

In February of 2021, popular electronic band Daft Punk announced they were finished as a band after 28 years together.

This news was heartbreaking to many lifelong fans, the end of an era. These fans have spent the better part of 2021 looking back on the band’s legacy, and Vancouver fans will have an incredible opportunity to enjoy the band one last time on Saturday, September 18th.

Live at the Imperial, Concept Eventz and Alternative Symphony present an orchestral rendition of Daft Punk’s greatest hits. The event will kick off at 8:30pm, and will feature a wide range of musicians, from trumpets to DJs, coming together to pay tribute to the legacy of Daft Punk. Everyone preforming on stage are daft punk fans, an authentic and quality experience can be expected. Tickets are still on sale for $60 each, proof of vaccination will be required at the door. Obviously, being a tribute event, Daft Punk themselves will not actually be present.

On February second, 2021, the Daft Punk duo announced they were splitting up via an eight minute YouTube video titled “Epilogue.” To date, no reason has been given as to why they have decided to go their separate ways after 28 years. Songs like “Get Lucky,” “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” “One More Time,” and “Around the World” have become culturally iconic during the bands run. All of these songs and more can be expected to make an appearance live at the Imperial this weekend. You can find tickets here, get them fast as attendance is limited due to covid restrictions.

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