Vancouver Duo Fionn Are Back With A Brand New EP Candid Constellations

Vancouver singer-songwriters Fionn are back with a brand new EP Candid Constellations. The 8 track release follows their 2020 EP Everyone’s A Critic and features an array of 80s, pop influenced songs like “Spark” “Cold” and “Hold Off”, the latter being a writing collaboration with the iconic Josh Ramsey. I grew up listening to his band Marianas Trench and to this day I still find myself remembering their music, and not because I have a good memory but because Ramsey is a really good writer and his music is super memorable. I think his style also translates really well in this project with Fionn, and I think the twins both have really great voices for this style. 

Fionn says some of their influences on this EP were Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia and The Weeknd’s After Hours and I really think they pair well with that sound. I also think the sisters are also good writers and not only do they capture the sound but their lyrics really make it feel more local for me and I like that. I think my favorite track is “Spark”, I love the synth heavy melodies in the chorus but I like the sound of their voice against the more stripped down drumline and that little Phil Collins-eque kick peppered through-out. It’s already on my playlists and I think you should definitely check it out. 

Less about the music but  I also really like their aesthetics and branding for this EP. I think in the social media age it’s extra important to be memorable and I think the kind of Y2K, Lizzie McGuire aesthetic is really fun and makes me just as eager to follow their fashion and makeup side as I am their music.

You can checkout Candid Constellations right now on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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