Snoozing Through Summer

School is officially out for many people in BC. With online classes, compressed schedules and a lot of uncertainty, both teachers and students deserve a much needed summer break. Breaks in between classes often vary from person to person. Some people choose to decompress by binge watching their go-to television shows and movies, or get into some of their favourite video games. Others will unplug and get outside by going exploring the great outdoors. We all probably enjoy a healthy mix of outside and inside time during our time off from school, but just because you are not in class does not mean that you cannot stay productive. There are plenty of daily habits you can incorporate into your schedule this summer that can improve a wide variety of aspects in your life.


The most important habit to pick up this summer is a reasonable sleep schedule. This may be a controversial topic for many people because staying up late and sleeping in is one of the most popular activities for young adults. Whenever I chat with my peers in September, one of the first things that is brought up when asked what they did this summer was sleep. While I am all for getting at least 8 hours each night, having a chaotic sleep program can come with a lot of baggage. Headaches and migraines are a very common side effect of improper sleep. The mental toll of sleeping can be damaging to your mood and outlook on life. I’m not saying that sleeping in is never okay, but it should be seen as a treat rather than a daily habit. There are plenty of ways to help your sleeping back on track. Supplementing melatonin, exercising before bed, and cutting down on sugar and caffeine intake are all viable solutions that can put you on the right path for healthy sleep.

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