Local Aspiring Artist, Incendiary Sweet Competes in CBC’s Music Toyota Searchlight

CBC’s Music Toyota Searchlight is inviting musicians from all over Canada to enter and compete for a grand prize an artist could only dream of. The contest gives aspiring Canadian artists an opportunity to showcase their talent, promote their work and grow their fan base.

The winner will earn a spot in Canada’s premier talent development program – Allan Slaight Juno Master Class in the fall of 2021, a trip to the 2022 Juno awards, five days at the National Music Centre’s Studio Bell with full access to more than 300 instruments, a recording studio and an audio engineer. They will also be offered a curated full-service global music promotion distribution campaign for one album or single release. Additionally, the winner will be given $2,500 worth of recording studio time and $2,500 worth of musical equipment and lastly CBC Television, CBC Radio One and CBC Music will be featuring the artists story and winning song.

A talented Vancouver singer/songwriter Victoria Feige, also known as Incendiary Sweet, is one of the many Canadian artists entered in the competition. Coming from a musical family, Victoria was fully immersed in music at a young age with taking piano lessons, being involved in jazz band and even playing for a rock band in high school.

Although Victoria draws inspiration from all styles and genres of music, she describes her music as indie rock with a touch of acoustic folk. She likens her sound to a mix of Metric and Jack Johnson, both of whom she admires and looks up to.

With the pandemic, she found that she had more time to really invest in her music. She recorded her single “Disaffected Scrolling Thru” just in time to be submitted into CBC’s Music Toyota Searchlight.

“My goal would be to make the top 100, but I just wanted to see what the reception would be and see what other musicians are doing, sort of throw my hat in the ring.”

Not only is she an aspiring musician but Victoria is also a two time world champion in adaptive surfing. After a snowboarding accident, she sustained a spinal fracture which left her partially paralyzed. But with Victoria’s strong spirit and positive outlook on life, it was nothing that she couldn’t handle. In 2016, she began to compete in adaptive surfing and after, found an awesome community of likeminded individuals.

“Just kind of like music, I surfed before I got injured and I love it… and so I got back into it after I got injured. But I just had no idea that there was an international community or international competitions. It wasn’t really until 2016 that I went down to California to compete for Canada and I just found a really excellent, hilarious community of likeminded, kind of crazy people, with injuries who just love the exhilaration of the ocean.”

Victoria has high hopes for the future with goals of recording and releasing more music and hopefully doing a killer live show. “I believe she has a unique talent; a knack for writing interesting and catchy tunes combined with some adept guitar playing” says local record producer Winston Hauschild. Victoria, aka, Incendiary Sweet worked with Hauschild to record her recent singles including the one that she submitted in CBC’s Music Toyota Searchlight.

The CBC Music Toyota Searchlight has posted all of the artists and their song entries at cbc.ca/music/searchlight. The voting is open to the public and first round closes Thursday May 20th.  The grand prize winner and runners up will be announced on CBC Radio One’s Q with Tom Power on Tuesday June 16th.

If you’re interested in Incendiary Sweet and her work, you can check out her website, vote for her at CBC and you can also find her music on all streaming platforms.

Incendiary Sweet Website: https://incendiarysweet.com/

Incendiary Sweet Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/incendiarysweet/

CBC Music Toyota Searchlight: https://www.cbc.ca/music/searchlight/#/welcome


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