Music and Meditation Fixes Everything

Sharanjeet Singh Mand

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There’s no doubt this year has been absolutely crazy, and a lot of people have suffered mentally because of it. But what are you doing to make sure you are taking care of your mind and body during this difficult time?

One Surrey company aimed to ease our body and minds with Transformational Theatres presentation of “Music and Meditation.” A unique 90-minute event featuring local artists who masterfully combine western and Indian classical music with guided meditation.

The original performance was set to be live, however, because of the pandemic, it was moved online so the community could have the opportunity to learn about meditation. Transformational Theatre wanted the community to discover the effects of music on the body and how it can bring people into a meditative state.

“People are sitting at home and are stressed out about what’s happening with the pandemic. This is a chance for people to discover something new and experience the benefits of meditation.”

Free to watch, the “Music and Meditation” event was recorded May 1st, at the Surrey Arts Centre. The performers include Sharanjeet Singh Mand with Sunny Matharu on tabla, violinist Jeanette Bernal-Singh accompanied by her daughter Nandini Singh on cello, the Sahaja Yoga Upon All Shores Ensemble and the Surrey Yuva Shakti.




  1. Classical Indian dance – Eishitaa Rajeev
  2. “Apani Panaah Mein” – Surrey Yuva Shakti Choir
  3. “Morning Has Broken” – Surrey Yuva Shakti Choir
  4. Meditation Introduction
  5. Cello Solo – Nandini Singh
  6. “Merry Go Round of Life” on Violin and Cello – Jeanette Bernal-Singh and Nandini Singh
  7. Violin Solo – Jeanette Bernal-Singh
  8. “Raag Hansadhwani” – Upon All Shores Ensemble
  9. “Raag Puriya Kalyan” – Sharanjeet Singh Mand and Sunny Matharu

The unique 90-minute performance begins with a First Nations welcome ceremony by Kevin Kelly and Michael Kelly Gabriel. The audience will then be taken on a musical journey opening the heart and mind through sound. Viewers will be encouraged to meditate throughout the show which I really recommend giving a shot. The music is incredibly relaxing and had me in an almost trance-like state.

I was definitely skeptical at first but I am so glad I gave it a try. It was just what my mind needed to distress and I got to learn a lot about classic Indian music traditions in the process.

If you are interested in watching the performance click here.





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