Vancouver’s Rising Star Selena Sun

If you are looking to expand your music repertoire and are tired of listening to the same song on repeat, you definitely came to the right place. Music BC’s member of the month Selena Sun brings an angelic mix of indie-pop and ambient soundscapes that soothe the soul.

Here’s everything you know about the amazingly talented Vancouver artist.


Serena Sun is a Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer. She uses her unique melodies and honest lyrics to share her experience in navigating the ultimate rollercoaster of what we call life. Through her music, Serena shares with her fans the uphill battles she faced living as a first-generation Chinese Canadian, going through painful heartbreak, and learning how to live life, while seemingly carrying the entire weight of the world on your shoulders. If we just listen, there’s much to learn from this rising star.

Serena spent 10 years of her life in Countries like the U.S., China, and Chile trying to find herself. However, her lack of belonging left her pondering life’s most important question. Who am I? Serena took her thoughts and turned them into lyrics, and seemingly by chance, a star was in the making.

It won’t be long until Selena becomes a household name in Vancouver and her single “Something More” proves that. Created with local music producer and songwriter Nathan Chiu, Something More is about seeking a greater purpose in life when it feels like everything around you is falling apart.

Selena has been incredibly busy the past year creating lyrical masterpieces such as “Idk How to Stop,” “Release Me,” and “Everyone I Run From.” Her emotionally driven lyrics make you feel like you are living through her. She is incredibly relatable and makes you feel like you are not alone. In a world where being anyone but yourself is okay, Selena is much more. She is authentic.

Check out her newest single “What you Wanted” streaming now on all platforms.


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